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Dr. Kevin Sadati - Board Certified in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery | Newport Beach

Dr. Sadati’s services are not limited to nose surgery. He also performs facial reconstructive and cosmetic procedures that range from face lifts to fat grafting. Every procedure is done in a caring, family-like, safe environment. He meticulously considers the proportional harmony of not just the face, but the entire body to ensure that his patients’ will look and feel better. No matter what the person’s ethnicity, he will not do anything unless he is 100% sure he can and will do the very best for every patient.

The Orange County Nose & Sinus Center team of professionals invites you to browse their website and see how the promise of cosmetic surgery can give you the gorgeous nose you have always wanted and deserve.

Our facilities in Newport Beach provide the most modern equipment available that allows us to handle any cosmetic concern you may have. We also employ the latest techniques for addressing your cosmetic needs and can help with any concerns you may have. Dr. Sadati has been a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery for many years and is responsible for some of the most modern techniques that are now used by other doctors all over the country. Many of the procedures first pioneered by Dr. Sadati are now standard procedures for addressing cosmetic concerns for patients worldwide.

Our offices are located in Orange County at 359 San Miguel Drive Suite 110 Newport Beach, CA 92660 and serve both Newport Beach and the surrounding areas. We have a very diverse clientele that includes men and women from nearby towns and patients from other parts of the country that travel to Newport Beach for our services. We pride ourselves in striving to provide the best possible treatment for every patient and will spend the time needed to make sure we clearly understand your desires to ensure you are satisfied with the results.