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Orange County RhinoplastyWhile it is vital that noses function properly, it is also important that a person feels comfortable in day-to-day life as he or she goes out into the world to socialize, work or play.  Professional studies show that people with pleasing facial features with attractive bodies are more successful in their careers and social lives from people who are not.

Why is this?  Primarily, it is due to a person’s increased sense of self confidence, but also because most people are even more responsive to attractive people. Unfortunately, no matter how worthwhile we are on the inside, not everybody is gifted with having a beautiful nose and body form.  However, beauty is achievable thanks to surgeons like Dr. Kevin Sadati, who offers the life-changing service of Rhinoplasty — this procedure will bring about better self-esteem, and a greater image of the patient will emerge.  But what is the perfect nose?  How can a person’s nose change so others will look at them and see beauty instead of an ugly nose?  If a person is unhappy about the way they look, Rhinoplasty surgery will make you feel on the inside as it will on the outside.  Before nose surgery, how do you think people see you?  After surgery, how do you think you will feel when someone looks at you?  When you look at yourself?  Rhinoplasty can change your life – for the better!

Is there such a thing as a perfect nose?
Rhinoplasty can certainly be the salvation to many that were born with noses with drooping tips, or very crooked, raised, or with a dorsal hump, over-sized nostrils or even irregular skin tones.  When someone looks at you, they will only see and analyze your nose; they will not see the rest of your face and body.  That is why the perfect, beautiful nose is considered a camouflage.  Rather than having the ability for someone to see your beautiful face, or smile, they will only see your nose.  People tend to be distracted by a crooked or distorted nose. When you have a perfect nose, one that has been shaped to fit in with your whole face, this will allow people to see your true personality, depth and uniqueness.

There are some doctors that simply give each of their patients the same “signature look” by making all noses identical, rather than considering each patient as a unique individual.  Professionals like Dr. Sadati consider a person’s bodily proportions, race and even personality when evaluating the best possible surgical outcome; a nose that works for their facial features, and one that is realistic.  The notion of an attractive nose being small and melodiously aligned is a basic concept; however, it is important to note that Rhinoplasty is a complicated surgery that is done in the millimeters.  Dr. Sadati knows it is important to understand all of his patients’ inner and external qualities when creating the ideal nose for them.  No two noses are alike, and neither are his patients.

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