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Closed Rhinoplasty

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In the world of cosmetic surgery, closed or “endonasal” rhinoplasty is considered a highly complex procedure that is difficult to both learn and teach, as it requires an intuitive understanding of the anatomy of the nose and an ability to envision what’s happening underneath the skin throughout the procedure.

The surgery is essentially performed without actually seeing the areas being operated on, and while some surgeons may contend that open surgery is superior because it allows for more visibility, doctors who master the craft of closed rhinoplasty argue that there is far less risk of scarring and infection because the tiny, hidden incisions are inside the nostrils.  While it is less invasive than open nose surgery, it still requires anesthesia and recovery, but in most cases, the procedure and healing time is the same.  However, open Rhinoplasty, as some doctors have found, leads to more swelling and bruising than the closed technique because it is assumed the tissue is not as dramatically impacted by the minimalist approach.

The doctor will decide which procedure to implement based on the patient’s goals and nose type. A surgeon with a keen artistic eye and understanding of the nose’s inner workings is able to perform the endonasal nose job with much less risk to the patient.  However, that doesn’t mean that the procedure is perfect for every patient. The doctor will decide which procedure to implement based on the patient’s goals and nose type.  For example, a facial plastic surgeon may recommend the endonasal technique if the hump that needs correcting is small or the drooping tip is otherwise symmetrical.

While it is good to be well-informed on the various procedures, it is recommended that a patient not consult a surgeon with a preset notion of which technique is best for their nose.  Doctors that perform both procedures will explain why one technique is better than the other.  Dr. Kevin Sadati is capable to perform both procedures with the highest degree of skill, but he only decides which procedure is best for his patient after he gives them an extensive comprehensive exam, or consultation.

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