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Crooked Nose

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Orange County Crooked NoseA crooked or twisted nose can be caused by a variety of things; such as having an accident or being born with it. Within the nose’s structure, it’s possible to have a deviated septum or the dislocation of bone from cartilage. A crooked nose bows out, giving it an “s” or even a “w” shape. Some crooked noses are more pronounced than others; in the more severe cases, crooked noses which affect both men and women can cause breathing problems. Some patients’ allergies worsen over time, or it may lead to chronic sinusitis. Put simply, it can also be very unattractive to the eye.

However, because of the complexities of fixing the crooked nose, achieving perfect symmetry and smoothness is difficult. It is important that patients set reasonable goals when having these complex procedures. The goal in repairing a crooked nose is first and foremost, to allow for the nose to function perfectly in its capacity to draw in air and filter out debris without causing sneezing fits, nosebleeds or overproduction of mucus.

Most expert facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Kevin Sadati among them, prefer to do an open septorhinoplasty. This procedure allows the doctor to see everything that is happening beneath the skin. Because he can see everything inside so well, he is able to then finely tune every millimeter of the nose, thus creating the perfect nose you deserve. Crooked noses usually need several different rhinoplasty and septoplasty techniques ranging from bone and cartilage grafting to honing the turbinates. These more advanced and complex procedures can mean the surgery time is longer, as well as the recovery time, but the results are phenomenal!

While the results can be life changing, repairing a crooked nose is said to be one of the most difficult procedures in Rhinoplasty and it is important to Dr. Sadati that his patients understand this. By setting reasonable, modest goals though his comprehensive consultations and careful planning, patients can be completely satisfied with their final outcome.

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