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Dorsal Hump

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Orange County Dorsal HumpDorsal humps, found on the upper portion of the nose between the eyes, is one of the most common motivators for patients to seek out rhinoplasty and yet, despite its commonality, it is also one of the more complex issues to repair due to its tricky location and structure of the nose.

Dorsal humps or nasal bump sometimes form on faces due to an injury received. The hump is made largely of bone and cartilage that crooked, protruding that many people consider unsightly and distracting. People viewing another with a large hump may have trouble seeing past the malformation to the person’s true character. Some with this condition can even see their hump, interrupting their vision and adding to their self-consciousness.

While it is a common problem, the hump can be tricky to repair in order to get a straight and natural result. A smaller bump may only require endonasal or closed rhinoplasty. In cases of more pronounced humps, however, an open rhinoplasty surgery may be needed to ensure a smooth and natural look that many patients are looking for. In both procedures, the doctor must carefully manipulate and adjust the nose’s structure by shaving down the hump with specialized tools.

Larger humps may require longer surgeries and more time in recovery, but the end result is always worth it. When selecting the top rhinoplasty surgeon for the job, consider the experience, expertise and artistic vision of the doctor as it is a procedure that, when done badly by an inexperienced surgeon, can be very disheartening. But, in the end, removing the nose hump changes the lives of countless men and women who have, for years, lived under the burden of such a facial distraction.

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