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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kevin Sadati - Board Certified in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery | Orange County

Orange County Ethnic RhinoplastyMany plastic surgeons develop what is often referred to as a “signature look” in the way they sculpt patients’ noses but the fact is, noses should be reshaped to match the person and each person is different. Certainly, a nose that works well for a thin Caucasian woman in her 50s would probably not look nice on a young African American woman. The same could be said for people of Middle Eastern descent like Persian, Arabic, or Turkish compared to people from Far Eastern cultures.

People today come from all walks of life and racial backgrounds, often mixed with varying family histories. What that means is that people have certain nasal features they would want to keep when beautifying their appearance. It is important that doctors familiarize themselves with every type of nose to ensure their patient will receive the results that harmonize with their face and body, as well as with their ethnic background.

The problem explains Dr. Kevin Sadati, is that many surgeons are failing to respect a person’s ethnicity. Rather than individualizing the nose job, they simply create cookie-cutter noses that might look good on a model, but not on the patient. This cookie-cutter technique often creates artificial or plastic looking noses that fail to bring out the natural, unique beauty that everyone has. This ongoing problem in the cosmetic field has motivated Dr. Sadati to use not only his scientific knowledge, but his artistic eye as well to thoroughly research the myriad of different types of noses – no matter what their ethnic background.

He has caught the attention of patients on a global scale due to his vast experience and the wonderful outcome of so many successful Rhinoplasty surgeries he has done. This attention has brought people from around the world to seek his finely tuned skills and ability. They want to see him because they know he will mold their nose to their face without ruining their own special look that makes them unique.

Due to the increasing acceptance of Rhinoplasty around the world, it is not a stigma to change your nose, especially if it means to look and feel your best every day.

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