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Orange County Male RhinoplastyWhile nose jobs and plastic surgery is often thought of as something reserved for the fairer sex, more and more men have been taking their looks seriously in a society that praises balanced features and a well-kept appearance.

Men find that in order to succeed in their love life and a career, having the perfect nose is just as important as having the perfect, high-end suit or getting an Ivy League education. Nose jobs give men that extra boost of confidence they need to meet new people, chase down their dream career and feel comfortable in their everyday life. Men, who often play rough sports in their youth, can put their noses through the wringer. Be it a poorly passed basketball, a skiing accident or a rough football tackle, noses can be left crooked, humped or scrunched. If it’s not sports, genetics and chance also play a role in the way a nose grows. Maybe it is too big, under-defined or overly prominent.

Perhaps the nose’s nostrils are enlarged, the tip too droopy or the septum damaged in a bicycle crash. In other cases, men may have health issues such as a deviated septum or blockage of the nasal passage, making it difficult to breath. Rhinoplasty experts can repair all these issues but, because there are some differences between men and women, it is a good idea to ensure your plastic surgeon has experience dealing with male noses that are, most of the time, bigger and denser than female noses.

Generally, men who are operated on are in good health and over the age of 17. Rhinoplasty surgeons usually approach male noses less aggressively than females to ensure it maintains its masculine features. However, this is up to the patient as each person may have a different look in mind. The final result can be planned for carefully with a skilled plastic surgeon.

Dr. Kevin Sadati recognizes that many men want a smoother, younger look and that is why he has dedicated so much of his academic time and professional experience mastering rhinoplasty techniques on both men and women alike. He is known for giving men a stronger, yet youthful look that helps them succeed at life. He tells men not to be ashamed of their desire to be perfect but, instead, embrace the opportunity to sculpt a newer, better looking face that they will love and feel confident about.

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