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Open RhinoplastyOpen rhinoplasty is a widely utilized and highly effective technique that allows rhinoplasty surgeons to have a better exposure of the internal nasal structures. This Rhinoplasty technique gives the surgeon an opportunity to see every aspect of the nose’s interior and decide exactly how best to manipulate the cartilage, skin, bone and other features to create a natural and well proportionate nose.

Open rhinoplasty allows the surgeon to sculpt the nose from the ground up and the procedure leads to less aesthetic complications compared to closed techniques. To perform open nose surgery, the surgeon must first make a small incision down the columella (the column of skin between the two nostrils). Incisions are also made inside the nasal passage and then the skin is carefully pulled back to reveal every detail of the nose’s internal structure. While it may sound intense, the surgical technique is effective and almost always heals without significant scarring. Of course, the outcome is best when performed and sutured by a highly trained and experienced surgical team.


Open rhinoplasty is a procedure that first came to recognition in Europe as far back as the 1920s, but wasn’t introduced in the US until the 1990s. Surgeons were hesitant to adopt this complex technique. Two decades later however, the procedure had gone through the rigors of American science and was fine-tuned. It is the procedure of choice now for expert Rhinoplasty surgeons.


The advantages of open Rhinoplasty are clear because it allows the surgeon to see the entire nose which enables the surgeon to make on-the-spot precise decisions about where to sew, snip and add. When a surgeon performs open Rhinoplasty, it also means exposing and evaluating more nasal anatomy.

Overall, performing an open Rhinoplasty almost always takes longer than doing a closed Rhinoplasty. However, when open Rhinoplasty is performed by a highly skilled surgeon, one who is a specialist in this field, it doesn’t matter whether you have open or closed Rhinoplasty. A dedicated Rhinoplasty specialist that is experienced can utilize their special techniques, and with their first-hand knowledge, can ensure lower risk with fewer complications for his or her patients.


Open Rhinoplasty is not always superior to closed Rhinoplasty. Sometimes a minor nasal case may require closed Rhinoplasty. A knowledgeable, well-skilled surgeon who can perform both types of surgeries is better equipped to decide which procedure is best for their patient.

Results and effectiveness from nose surgery can vary depending on the patient’s nose type and whether or not they have had a previous nose surgery. Firstly, it needs to be determined by the surgeon whether or not open or closed Rhinoplasty, is the right surgery to perform on the patient.

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