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Orange County Revision RhinoplastyUnfortunately, not all primary Rhinoplasty procedures go perfectly, and sometimes patients need to repair their poor nose job with a different surgeon. In fact, revision rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries performed by cosmetic surgeons today as patients strive for the perfect, natural-looking nose. Yet, all too often, patients are ultimately not satisfied with their choice of surgeon. Experts in the field of cosmetic nasal surgery recommend paying the extra money to see well-known, respected facial plastic surgeons. Once you have met Dr. Kevin Sadati, who has a successful proven track record, and a long list of references, you too will become a happy and satisfied patient.

Occasionally, primary nose jobs, with time, lose some characteristics and need fine tuning. Other times, a surgeon may leave a nose looking overly unnatural. The bump may not be fully smoothed, the deviated septum not perfectly joined, and / or a nasal passage becomes blocked by the healed tissue. This can be a mentally exhausting time for patients, but almost every issue can be repaired through various surgical or cartilage grafting techniques. Revision techniques may vary depending on what the surgeon feels is needed to fix the patient’s nose. Sometimes a special type of grafting that fuses cartilage may be needed, or your doctor may remove bone or cartilage from one area in order to give support to a part of the nose to fill a fissure or cavity. There are several things a good surgeon can do to a nose using different types of dermal (skin) grafts when the patient is missing an anatomical structure from their nose. If there is any perforation or weakness or a defect on your nose from a previous surgery, Revision Rhinoplasty may be what you need, and only a surgeon that specializes in this type of procedure is who you want to repair your nose.

Very rarely is a nose so badly misaligned by surgery that an experienced plastic surgeon can’t recreate the nose the patient desired from their first surgery. There is a difference between the less-invasive “touch up” a doctor might perform to complete a nose job, and the more aggressive revision procedure that may involve redoing the patient’s complete primary Rhinoplasty. While it is a common procedure, revision rhinoplasty can be complicated by buildup of scar tissue, which is much harder to control or adjust. The surgery needs to be planned and executed impeccably but even then, the results are less predictable than a primary Rhinoplasty because of the amount of scar tissue and the challenges it presents.

Despite the complexities of this type of surgery, highly skilled facial plastic surgeons like Dr. Kevin Sadati are competent to repair the errors other surgeons have made. In fact, many patients come to him after having had a bad experience from going to other clinics, and consequently being unhappy about their surgery results. Because of his extensive training, and academic background, Dr. Sadati’s reputation is very well known throughout California and abroad. Anyone looking for an excellent, talented, skilled and qualified ENT surgeon knows that Dr. Sadati can revise the most severe of Revision Rhinoplasty cases.

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