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Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Orange County Rhinoplasty RecoveryWhen patients carefully follow the instructions from their doctor, recovering from rhinoplasty is not a terribly long or exhausting process. However, there is no denying that the more complex a nasal surgery, the more difficult it can be for the patient. Medication for pain is provided and the doctor may also prescribe antibiotics or steroids to help speed along your recuperation time.

Some rhinoplasties only require local anesthesia or sedation that put patients in a semi-conscious state. These procedures often take as little as a week to recover from, but the doctor will give instructions about when more strenuous activities, such as sports or even work, can begin.

For those patients requiring general anesthesia, they often wake up feeling light headed and sometimes disoriented which is normal. Unlike many surgeons, Dr. Sadati will not pack the nose, but instead, he will place an internal splint in the nose that helps the patient breathe. In addition, an external splint may be applied to stabilize the nose. It is important that the patient not push, pull or pick at the bandages because you may do damage to your nose, unless of course, you are otherwise instructed by him.

What Recovery is Like

Most nose jobs are done on an outpatient basis, meaning the patient is released into the care of a family member or friend on the same day as the procedure. For the first 24 hours after the surgery, patients are asked to rest with their head elevated by a few pillows; this will help minimize swelling and bleeding. Patients may have bruising around the eyes; you can expect slight black eyes. Some patients get swollen cheeks and a tender nose.

You may get frustrated because you will be breathing through your mouth for few days. The pain is usually controlled easily with medication. Often people return to work within the first week, but it is important to avoid any strenuous lifting for a few weeks and allow for one month of healing before returning to sports. The last thing you would want is to receive a nose injury.

Post Operative Visit

The doctor will see you for a post operative visit the day after your surgery. A week after your procedure, he will want to see you again to check how you are healing and to remove any sutures and check for any infection or bleeding.

He will continue to give instructions throughout the post-operation phase to ensure a safe and effective recovery. Experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons like Dr. Kevin Sadati realize the importance in pre-op and post-op care because he wants you to have the best nose that is possible.


Patients need to remember that the results of the procedure will not be fully evident for perhaps three months or more – after the swelling and scars have healed completely. It takes time for the body to recover and patience is an absolute must. If you try to rush the healing process, you could injure or re-injure your nose.

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