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Rhinoplasty Risks

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Rhinopalsty RisksThere is always a possibility of there being a complication when having surgery; any surgery, even when it is nose surgery. However, having a surgeon who is a specialist, and understands how to perform modern cosmetic nasal surgery techniques, the risks are drastically reduced. With most nasal surgeries, the greatest risk is the anesthesia, but even with that being said, it is now one of the safest fields of medical science today. Thousands and thousands of patients go under general anesthesia daily with absolutely no complications.

In the last decade, the techniques behind anesthesia have been perfected but, because those risks still may exist, it is crucial that all operations be done in a safe, accredited facility by well-trained, board certified experienced staff. With the correct team of anesthesiologists and operating nurses led by a highly skilled surgeon, the risks are uncommon. Regardless, even with having the best team of professionals guiding your surgery, it is important to be aware that there is a chance that something could go wrong. Know who your doctor is and be sure that they are experienced and are board certified.

Final Results

Probably the biggest worries among patients are what their final results from having Rhinoplasty surgery will not be what they wanted and they would have to endure another surgery. It is possible that a distracted, or under-trained doctor, makes an error that produces unsightly results. Miscommunication between the doctor and patient can mean the patient’s expectations are not met because their expectations were unrealistic from the beginning.

Sometimes, the nose simply heals badly despite the doctor’s best efforts to ensure flawlessness. These risks are minimized by skilled and experienced surgeons, such as Dr. Kevin Sadati, who listens attentively to his patients, answers their questions and gives them a detailed, comprehensive exam where he explains what he can do for them at the time of surgery. Therefore, the patient has a better understanding of what the outcome will be and feel reassured due to Dr. Sadati’s attentive care.


Nose jobs can lead to rare complications such as perforation of the nasal septum, meaning a hole is cut through the cartilage separating the two sides of the nose. Nasal obstructions, like scar tissue, have been known to arise soon after, or sometimes within a few months following a nose job surgery.

Sometimes, with complications of this type, it will cause patients to have difficulty breathing through their nose. Some inexperienced doctors have even been known to remove too much cartilage from vital areas of the nose, causing poor functionality and giving their patient a nose that is not what they wanted. Most of these issues that occur from a bad surgery, however rare, can be repaired as needed through a revision Rhinoplasty.


With any surgery, the risk of bleeding, poor healing or infection is always a concern. In Rhinoplasty, these risks are minimal. In some instances, bleeding begins immediately and can be managed by the doctor. In other cases, the bleeding can start during the healing process and, if it doesn’t stop immediately, then it may require the doctor’s attention.

There are some patients that have trouble healing from surgery; they could be a smoker, or they may just not be following the surgeon’s instructions regarding their post operative care. In some instances, incisions may not close right away, and it may take longer than average to heal completely. Lastly, the risk of infection exists any time the body is opened by surgery or there is a wound. Medical science provides powerful antibiotics that limit the spread of infection and can also treat most infections quickly.

The risks and complications are rare but very real, making it important that you select a board certified, experienced doctor that works in a clean, fully equipped medical surgery center such as Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, Starpoint Surgical Center or Newport Beach Center for Surgery where Dr. Sadati performs his procedures.

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