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Teenage Rhinoplasty

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Orange County Teenage RhinoplastyFor generations, people have been accustomed to seeing teens sporting braces and having other dental work done. When young adults have this type of work done, it enhances their smile, boosts their confidence, and allows for healthier teeth. Nowadays, dental work has moved onto a whole new level of shaping the entire face so a child becomes a beautiful adult with defined, healthy features. This same mindset is now being applied to cosmetic surgery as science shows teens, generally starting around age 16, that they are better candidates for nose jobs because their young faces are more easily adapted to the desired shape and size they want.

Teens heal faster and have much less complications because of their age and youth. This allows adolescents that have this procedure, have a fuller, happier life because they love their new nose.

While many parents might be concerned about the safety risks involved, or the permanence of an error, the fact is that cosmetic surgery, when done by a board-certified skilled Rhinoplasty surgeon is safer than ever before. Teenage nose jobs can smooth dorsal humps, subtly turn up a drooping tip, repair a nasal fracture, make nostrils more slender and much more. It is known that teenagers are able to have the same procedure as any adult. Doctors can anticipate and adjust the nose of a teenager when doing their Rhinoplasty because they know how they will grow, and consequently they can mold their nose to match their growing body. This means that the nose is sculpted by predicting how much more the teen will fill out and grow as he or she ages.

In the US, thousands of teen girls and boys are receiving cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures from surgeons like Dr. Kevin Sadati. Parents and teens are realizing that this procedure is much like getting braces. It’s important they have their surgery while they are still young; before their bones harden, and their facial features become established.

Adolescent rhinoplasty is now a coming-of-age process for teenagers across the country who want to look their very best as they head off to college and into the adult world. To book an appointment with us or for more information regarding rhinoplasty for teens, contact us now.

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