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Newport Beach Turbinate SurgeryTurbinates play a key role in the nose’s function; like a filter in an air conditioner, its moist structure work with the nose hair to filter out pollutants, dust and other debris and pushes the warm and humidified air into the lungs. In a very basic sense, the turbinates control the humidity of the nose and without them the nose would become dry, chapped, and uncomfortable. During a cold or allergy season, turbinates may not be functioning properly, and the patient will experience nasal blockage and nasal overproduction of mucus.

Some people have constant problems with their turbinates, but this does not have to be a permanent problem. Nose specialists are able to get inside the nasal cavities and by making small incisions they are able to perform turbinoplasty. The turbinates may, depending on the patient, be trimmed, removed or shrunk through a variety of techniques that will greatly reduce the overproduction of mucus. The turbinates are small, but they play a key role in the nasal passageway’s function and this is why it is important to select a cosmetic or plastic surgeon, like Dr. Kevin Sadati, who has the required sinus expertise and experience to do the job right the first time.

Turbinate surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation and does not require more than a couple of days to recover. Often the procedure is performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as Septoplasty, but turbinate surgery can be also done alone and takes about 30-minutes.

Considering the sensitivity of turbinates, it is important to find a skilled, experienced doctor with a well-trained staff and a good working environment because there are still risks with this procedure. Dr. Kevin Sadati specializes in nose aesthetics and functionality. He cares about his patients and wants them to have not only a great looking nose, but also a nose that works properly. If you are experiencing chronic problems with your nose, consult with Dr. Sadati as soon as possible – a solution may be closer than you think.

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